Tillerman creates a sustainable, equitable, and innovative future through collaboration and data-driven inquiry

Who We Are

Tillerman is a data-driven management consulting firm based in Saigon, Vietnam. We are data scientists, designers, strategists, and animal lovers.

We lead businesses through data-driven growth.

Whether you’re starting or scaling a company, we help you use your company, public domain, and industry data to discover insights and make impactful decisions for your business. 

While the waters may be unknown, our methodology will give you the transparency and confidence you need to drive your business forward. 

Our Story

Founded in 2017, Tillerman creates new possibilities for the business landscape, using data to effectively optimize systems for long-term growth.

Tuyen Caohuu, Tillerman CEO and founder, has a background as a data scientist in global public health, operational planning, and systemic development. After over a decade improving conditions in underserved communities, Tuyen’s expertise was sought out by small to medium enterprises after presenting his research at APEC Vietnam 2017. Thus, Tillerman was born.

Rooted in operational and relational understanding, Tillerman collaborates with businesses by using data to create and execute plans for conscious growth. From there, we develop plans to realign their development trajectories to mature in responsible, sustainable, and profitable ways.

Today, Tillerman leverages data to unlock potential and drive business growth for its specialized clients. We welcome new challenges and encourage anyone seeking a clear roadmap to reach out. We can help you use data to drive your needs.

Our Leadership Team

Tuyen Caohuu


Tuyen steers business development, project strategy, and data science process. He has a background as a data scientist in global public health and studied at Stanford University and UC Berkeley.  

Van Nguyen


Van heads human resources and administration. She brings her 15 years of experience from startup to corporate across logistics and trading, sourcing and procurement, and finance. She studied at Foreign Trade University.


Traditionally, a tillerman is a boat pilot who helps guide ships through dangerous or unfamiliar waters.

Going beyond limits, Tillerman is an industry agnostic consulting firm that can help you use your data to navigate a clear path to success.

[ til-er-muhn ]

  1. person, who steers a boat or has charge of a tiller
  2. boat pilot, who guides ships through dangerous or unfamiliar waters
  3. growth navigator, who leads businesses through data-powered growth