power your business with data

Accelerate change with
data-driven growth

Tailored Solutions and Implementation

While other consultancies focus on out-of-the-box solutions that aren’t customized for your business, we offer tailored solutions and a unique implementation plan to honor the skillsets on your team.

If your path to scaling is unclear, you lack bandwidth, or your business has competency gaps, considering working with our team to fill these needs.

How can Data & Ops Integration help your business?

Ecosystems – people, processes, and technology – are often lack integration, leading to gaps in insights. 

Our experience in integrating the various systems in your business allow you to leverage your business intelligence.

Transform your systems from average to great.

Whether it’s your data or SOPs or something else, we can support you design, develop, and integrate your data and operations. 

In this competitive landscape, businesses need to innovate and continuously improve.

We bring the processes and mindsets need to create a new culture of growth.

With our array of experience with business owners and investors, we focus on outcomes that create a win/win for all:

Investor readiness, digital transformation, and increased efficacy and effectiveness.

Tillerman's Approach

Connecting High-Level to High-Detail

Your business is unique. Let’s create unique solutions tailored to you.

  • A sustainable, equitable, and innovative solution for your business
  • Data-, research-, and information-driven, giving you confidence in your decision making
  • An international team of management consultants from Vietnam, for Vietnam
  • Industry agnostic: manufacturing, tech, f&b, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, and more
  • A tailored approach for your business, team, culture, and products

Our Services


  • CIO secondment
  • Organizational change/digital transformation readiness 
  • Organizational change/digital transformation roadmaps
  • ERP and ERP module platform and vendor research
  • End-to-end digital transformation
  • Funding readiness
  • Master data architecture design and implementation
  • Technical and functional specifications documentation
  • Integration of Lean UX, Design Thinking, Scrum Methodology, Agile Framework
  • Business process mapping and optimization 
  • Information and data flow mapping and optimization

Work With Us

Tuyen Caohuu

CEO & Founder

To connect with Tuyen about transforming your business with data-driven growth, please fill out our intake form below to schedule time directly with him. 

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