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Why Vietnam?


Vietnam is a fast moving and resilient market, with positive year-over-year growth during the COVID-19 pandemic1. The GDP growth in 2022 is forecast at 7.5%2.


For most non-conditional business lines, there are no mandatory minimums for registered capital. This results in relatively low risk to establish a legitimate and tax paying business. 


Vietnam has signed onto many free trade agreements, which has driven investment by enrolling multiple sectors in international standards based commerce, reducing risk, and increasing transparency3.


With high urban immunization rates and multiple indexes confirming an economic rebound in 2022, Vietnam is ahead of the curve regionally in terms of market entry opportunities. However, there are still challenges in navigating a post-COVID landscape.

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  2. World Bank, Taking Stock Report, August 2022

The Current Market Entry Landscape

Investment and Enterprise laws and processes can be unclear, inconsistent, and difficult to understand, as there is an abundance of conflicting “solutions” for market entry.

Legal and accounting service providers do not have operations fluency – they can register your business as you describe it, but lack the competency to foresee changes in your operations that may conflict with your licenses.

Many service providers offer little price or service transparency or documentation, making it difficult to understand or explain what has been done, which creates a threat to compliance and audit.

Aside from business registration, there are other operational needs to navigate, including setting up accounting, banking, tax, invoices, and visas/work permits.  

Large firms are prohibitively expensive, often partnering with  banks and investors rather than small business owners.

Smaller local firms may pose communication issues while focusing on market entry processing, not market entry strategy.

Tillerman's Approach

Measure twice, cut once

Entrepreneurship is risky enough. We help you get your business started the right way so you can focus on what you do best.

  • A sustainable, equitable, and innovative solution for your business
  • Data-, research-, and information-driven, giving you confidence in your decision making
  • Transparency on what, why, and how we do things
  • A partner that will back you up
  • An international team of management consultants from Vietnam, for Vietnam
  • Concise process – fill out an intake form and handover documents, and we take care of the rest
  • Comprehensive operations with tailored solutions, from business licenses to accounting to tax to banking, and even permits and visas

Our Services


  • Comprehensive Operations Management
  • Operations Research for business licenses, accounting, and banking
  • Procurement Research for Legal Services Provider
  • Engage, brief, and management legal counsel in the matter of Market Entry Legal Services such as company charter, Investor Registration Certificate (IRC), Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC), work permits, and more


If you need more in-depth research of the local landscape before committing to the market, we offer the services below.

  • Market risk assessment
  • Market study and trends
  • Legal and regulatory research
  • Payment method and behavior research

Work With Us

Thao Tran


Thao manages our market entry services. She has over 10 years of consulting and operations experience across banking, technology, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, F&B and more. She’s led projects in business restructuring, risk management, finance and accounting management, KYC assessment, regulatory compliance, and beyond.

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